RECOGNISED EXPERTISE FROM OUR VERY BEGINNINGSThe international cosmeceutical brand Ericson Laboratoire was the brainchild of Professor Ericson – a passionate researcher of medicine and biology, specialised in tissue repair surgery – and his wife, a trained beautician. Eager to allow her clients to benefit from Professor Ericson’s knowledge, she asked him to treat some of those suffering from particularly difficult skin problems, and achieved remarkable results.
OPENING OF THE FIRST ERICSON BEAUTY CLINIC IN PARISEmpowered by this success, in 1962 the couple began to offer cellular-extract skin treatments, known as ‘Cellutherapy’, in their first beauty clinic in Paris. Then, they went on to treat damaged skin with the same efficiency: scars, wrinkles, fatigued skin, etc. They became the true pioneers of French Cosmeceuticals
CREATION OF ERICSON LABORATOIRE BRAND AND DEVELOPMENT ON A NATIONAL SCALEThanks to a holistic approach relying firmly on research and development, the company was reinvigorated respecting Professor Ericson’s philosophy and ethics. Their first line of unique skincare treatments – DNA – was launched in 1983 under the Ericson Laboratoire brand.<br> BIO FORCE, using frozen cell extracts and serums, perfectly illustrates this expertise.
SCIENTIFIC EXPERTISEprogress in cosmetic medicine, and in uncompromising and constant pursuit of effective products, Ericson Laboratoire quickly developed new lines of cosmeceutical treatment. As a result, active ingredients of marine, phytobiological and biotechnological origin – derived from the most cuttingedge research – are selected for their exceptional qualities and visible results. They offer a solution adapted to every skin’s needs and are suitable for all ages. Remaining faithful to its clinical ethos, the brand has developed recognised expertise in ANTI-AGING which is hugely appreciated by customers.
Opening of the first treatment institute in the elegant 16th district of Paris.
THE BRAND BEGINS TO DEVELOP INTERNATIONALLYWith an entirely innovative concept and a strong domestic market, Ericson Laboratoire attracts the most prestigious hotels and beauty clinics across the globe, demonstrating a veritable international reach.
OPENING OF THE TRAINING CENTRETo perpetuate our expertise and the effectiveness of our cosmetic treatments, we welcome beauticians from all over France and around the world at our training centre, to train and perfect their technical skills.
TODAYOur technical know-how, combined with proven effectiveness, allow for an experience which is unique among beauty institutes. This can be prolonged at home with cosmeceutical care from Ericson Laboratoire.<br>The brand’s growing success around the world testifies to the timeless excellence of its approach. Available today in 450 beauty care institutes in France and in over 6,000 more across the globe – in 50 countries – the brand continues to grow and inspire a loyal following.